March 29th, 2007


[ECHO 2007] 20070325 Tokio Hotel - ITW

Ok, so I think everybody have seen the ECHO, I find a French translation about the interview. It's an approximate translation, there is not all said the off voice but if you still wonder about all the army stuff around TH and the Tom's girlfriend, they give us some details...

This last time, we heard a lot about TH military service and they didn't have time to react, we have interviewed them to ask them.
Bill : We were in Paris and we didn't heard about these rumours. We received our summons when we were in Paris.

In this moment, Germany wonders if you would be allowed to keep your long hair, piercing and your make up during your service.
Bill : We were surprised that everybody talk about our hairs, my make up and our piercing. But which is the most important is the future of the band, the other things are useless.
Tom : Ja...

They have all the ideal age to be enlisted in the army. What about Gustav and Georg ?
Gustav : Who must or who will have the same problem, I don't know yet, it's the question.
Georg : I was reformed (to get out/to get exempted of army) 5 times.

There is a rumour which said that Tom has a girlfriend, a girl from Berlin tells on all blogs that you have a realtionship.
Tom : We were really shocked when we heard about that, I don't understand why she says that, because it's wrong. Anyway, I hope she doesn't think what she says.

... (don't know what it said)
Bill : What newspapers have to say is often wrong, but for the summons, it's true and we didn't take decisions yet.