March 27th, 2007

Georg & Bill

Miyu's blah blah #1 Yamapi in MOW CM + Kei graduated from Meiji

You know what ? Yamapi came in France for his new MOW CM !
And... I missed him !!! ;_; I didn't know he came in France until this morning I read the news in news_jpop  . Yes, for those who know me now, one of my other passion except TH is Johnny's Jimusho ! lol argghh! Supid JE didn't say Pipi would come in France !

For this new CM, he plays as a reporter to ask people what they think about MOW after trying it ... and all in FRENCH !!! xD OMG I absolutly want to hear that! Must wait 6th April ! hayakuuu ne!! More and more JE come in France, last time it was Ninomiya (Arashi) but I'm not fan of him, so I don't mind not seeing him, a friend tell me Tsubasa (TxT) came not long time ago to see his Japanese friend who plays in a French soccer team, Miyu loves Tsubasa, quite sad to have missed him, BUT YAMAPI !!!!!! *rolls of the floor, dies* (TT–TT) I tried anything to see some JE when I travalled in Japan, and I saw only one, Kamenashi ! lol in Shibuya Station near the ticket machines! Cause JE are famous but they take train like everybody ! xD haha  でも亀梨は本当に可愛いとカッコイだよね!!! :D

AHHH ! YATTAAA ! finding a youtube video about Yamapi speaking French !!! OMG it's so cute ! Ne, Yamapi speaks French very well. I even don't recognize where he is, it doesn't looks like Paris, but maybe it's in the suburbia ! lol
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But I'm happy cause my dear Kei was graduated for Meiji Uni. and he received a notification as model student ! kakkoi ne ! and I received my NEWS Single 星をめざして I waited since 2 weeks ! *runs to watch the DVD*