March 26th, 2007

Georg & Bill

Tokio Hotel send their persönliches Dankeschön

On the official website, Tom has written a message for the fans, to thank all people for the Echo !

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The [...] is when I can't read what Tom wrote.
EDIT : I got the whole translation

Hey  people,
What a day, what a night - we cannot believe it yet that there really happened. We didn't expect at all to receive this Echo, our surprise was really big - it's really cool!  We can hardly describe what that means for us. Not only, because it is acknowledgment for what we do, but also because you made it possible - this award comes from you, the best fans of the world.
We know that we don't have many possibilities to give you back everything you did for us - wherever and whenever we go, you are already there and wait for us. For that and for all your fan's mails we receive each day, for your support, and because you stay with us, we want to say THANKS to you and dedicate this Echo for you. In some days, it will begin, we will go on the road again. We are greatly looking forward to seeing you. We are strained to know how our surprises will please you - that becomes our time!
A big THANK YOU!!!
Your Tom, Bill, Georg, Gustav.