March 21st, 2007

Georg & Bill

DVD Leb die Sekunde - Your 20 Questions ITW

Ok, so a friend gave me a French translation of the ITW of this DVD, it's more difficult to translate someone who talks in a TV ITW than what is written in the magazines. The translation is not exact at 100%, it also misses some sentences when they all speak together and all. I just translated from French to English, (don't blame my friend! xD) it's just to give you a general idea ! Be lenient with my me ^^; And as the 4 of them, it's more the 3 of them (Gustav seems to be in bad mood, he doesn't talk a lot) talk often in same time and as the Twins always fight to have the microphone, the sentences are often cut in the middle ! lol

I wanted to rip my DVD and put the translation as subtitles but I have only image without sound, and as I'm too lazy to find an other way, try to follow the text and the video in the same time ^^;; So I took the video from Youtube :

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