March 19th, 2007

Georg & Bill

Bravo Feb 2007 - Tom, Sex with a fan !

"Sex with a fan"
They have so much in common but are so different too ! Last week, the singer Bill Kaulitz surprised us with his amorous confessions in Bravo: "I didn't have love story since 2 years and sometimes I feel alone". Now, it's his twin Tom Kaulitz who surprises eveybody with his private confessions. The guitarist confesses to us that he doesn't live it so timidly. It's happened that there is a girl for 1night ! And he was already with a fan too ! For Bravo, Tom finally confess to us his secrets on his torrid night with a fan !

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It's one the funniest Interview I read until now, I hope you will enjoy read it too ^^
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