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Dream Up Jan/Feb 2007

"Provocation, we like that ! "
Some months have been enough for Tokio Hotel to fascinate French audience. Learders of this quatuor, are Bill and Tom Kaulitz, respectively singer and guitarist, 17 years old twins with high disposition...

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Everyday, what sort of life do you live?
Bill : We are young, we want discover and have new experiences. So, when we quit the stage, it's not to kindly come back home or in our hotel's rooms. We like go outside, go to the party, have fun, to live our life the best we can do. What's more normal when we are 17?
Tom : We travel a lot and the request don't stop. Everyday, a new city, new parties, new faces, new temptations, We enjoy all these !

What are your biggest temptations ?
Tom : On stage during concert when I see beautiful girls who scream " Tom, take off your T-shirt !" or "Come in my bed!", I'm just curious ! (laugh). Then, if I meet some fans some hours later in nightclub, I can let me tempted...

Are you a follower of one night romance?
Bill : I'm not really at ease with this sort of relationship which are often superficial and without feelings.
Tom : Contrary to Bill, for me, one night romance have something really delightful. I like to enjoy the current moment without thinking about tomarrow. It's exactly what happens when I go in a party and that a girl pleased me.

Which one is the most excessive?
Bill : We can't say which one is the most eccentric or more excessive than the others. It also concerns Gustav and Georg. Franckly speaking, we are all able to do crazy things.

Sometimes, are you worried about your image on the audience?
Bill : We are aware that we got the attention of some thousand fans, so I really think about what I will say or do that I couldn't regret. Nevertheless, I'm not perfect. And I don't want to be a model to follow. Everyday, I refuse to let me submerge by the fear  to do something wrong or to disappoint the audience. I only try to do my best, with my weaknesses and my mistakes, like everybody. I like the idea that my fans accept me with my flaws and my weaknesses.

What is the importance of your look?
Bill : The look reflects our personnality. I always liked extravagance. When I was small, I already tried to dress differently from the others. Obviously, there were jealousy and mockeries. But more they criticized me, more I dressed with an excentric style. I like the provocation!
Tom : It's true, we like to provoke. When I began to let grown my hair, they laughed at me. That gave me envy to not cut my hair anymore, and today my dreadlocks are nearly 1 meter length ! We have a really strong argumentativeness ! (laugh).

Until where are you ready to increase the provocation?
Bill : It's a difficult question... Who knows what I will think next month, or next year, or in 10 years? Today, on stage or with the audience, I set some limits I shoudn't exceed. What about tomarrow? I would like never have regrets to be gone too far.

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