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I'm back ! :D Blah blah + Scans No Tags

Ok, so I still don't have a job but I still search, I hope I will find one soon... but now it's a bit like vacation, it's summer and all... lol But I'm back ! Yay ! After posting my entry, I will comment in the comm ! :D YAY!

I think you all girls saw the TH performance in La chanson de l'année (The song of the year) a French TV show, I was in the recording of this TV show, it was my first time with my best friend on a TV show. I didn't know before how it's really acting by the audience and how it can be so false ! I was really surprised of this. There is a guide (I don't have a better word in English for the word in French) who tells you what you must do at which time, you must follow what he says and imitate what he does. On some songs and singers, they can give you accessories, for example I saw Roch Voisine, they gave us white tissue we must moved only in the chorus, but the audience didn't really understand and moved the tissue during all the song (it looks like Titanic ! xDDD), so we did it again and again until the performance was perfect. If the singer or the audience make a mistake or have a problem or else, you must do the performance again, you always have 2 or 4 performances for each singer/band. And during the performance, you can do what you want, the guide said you must dance, raise the hands, clap hands, scream, sing, jump, you must show you enjoy the song, for each song not only for TH but for every singers/bands, it's just that people scream a bit more for TH than the others! xDDD.

I talk about my thoughts about TH on this performance and parts we don't see as they cut it. First, Saki as always who inspected all before TH went on stage. He prepared the drums for Gustav, then Gustav entered on stage, just him to adjust himself the drums, all the fans applaused him and called him "Gustav, Gustav, Gustav... x50 time". But Gustav is really professionnal and serious, you can feel it ! xDDD Then, he joined the band in backstage, Saki noticed the micro is too low for Bill and raised it :3 Then he joined the backstage, we saw nervous TH in backstage on the big screen, then they came on stage, put in place and started the song ! I saw them really really close, more closer than in the concert in Paris, Georg was just in front of me at 1 meter, I think I couldn't be closer than I was this day, I even noticed Bill has a cute mole on the left of his hips ! xDDD Georg was really cool with the fans and approached them and Tom joined him, it was great ! x3 When the song finished, they must joined the announcer on the top of the stage but they forget and directly returned in backstage, so they must do the performance again ! xDDD so we got TH two times ! lol The rest you saw it in the video. But I really enjoyed this recording, it was fun, I made some new friends (you always make new friends when there is TH around ! lol).

As you know now, the second round of the 483 Tour will go in several French towns :
16.10 Paris – Bercy
17.10 Nantes - Zenith
19.10 Marseille – Dome
20.10 Montpellier - Zenith
22.10 Toulouse – Zenith
23.10 Bordeaux – La Patinoire
25.10 Lille – Zénith

I have my tickets for Paris and Lille, the first and the last concerts of the French Tour ! lol The tickets have been sold in some hours, it's incredible ! O.O All the websites for tickets or shops are sold out ! I'm happy the first concert is on Oct. 16 as my bday is on Oct. 15 ! xD

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Scans with no Tag, unwatermaked, so please, feel free to take them but don't tag them :D

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Bravo (DE) Rumanian Pop Corn

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