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Fans Questions Answered By TH on Myspace

Scans of the Top of the pop 06/07 mag, untagged/unwatermarked scans. Don't tag them please ! :D

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The twins talking about Andreas. Find the translation of this ITW here on th_cult 

Taken on TH's Myspace, questions by fans and answers by TH :

"A few weeks ago we asked for questions for the band... well 14 lucky fans have had an answer... straight from the band!
Thanks to everyone who sent a question in... we'll do this again soon!"

1. Kawaii Angel from Chafford Hundred, United Kingdom

Where will you go when you come to England and where would you go on your dream vacation???

Bill: I guess we will go to London. We've been there before and we've all been really excited. The City is great and we love it. Hopefully we'll get to see more of England.
Tom: Talking about dream vacation we all love really little islands with palm trees and nearly nobody else there!

2. Stephanie from California, USA

Do you like cookies & how do you communicate with fans that don't speak German?

Georg: We all like cookies and sweets.
Bill: When we meet fans who don't speak German we try to speak English with them. If that doesn't work we try to communicate with gestures. In some countries we have an interpreter with us, which makes it much easier.

3. Alenka from Seol, South Korea

If Tokio Hotel did not exist, what career would each of you choose for your future?

Gustav: Tokio Hotel has existed for nearly seven years now. We played in front of five people, who didn't care for us at all. Now we're lucky and successful and are able to play in front of really big crowds.
Tom: Yeah - that's all we ever wanted. I never wanted to become anything else than a musician and that's how we all feel. It's our dream, that came true. Hopefully we're able to do this till we're old and grey (laughs)!

4. Amy from Ljubljana, Slovenia

Would you change your fame for the peace in the world??

Bill: If that would guaranty world peace – of course. I would still do music, because I think music is able to cross every border, all differences and connect all countries of the world. It brings love and happiness and I believe it's able to change the world.

5. Ahimsa from Lodz, Poland

Bill - You said you had problems with learning foreign languages. Do you think English is also difficult to learn?

Bill: It's all about practice and feeling comfortable. Till now we only practiced English in school, which is quite a while ago. And all we speak is School-English. But once I'm in a conversation it works out. I guess the more we speak the easier it'll get.

6. Jen from Stavenger, Norway

What's the craziest rumor you have heard about yourselves?

Georg: The weirdest was that Bill died – that was really strange when we heard that one.

7. Koda from Paca, France

What's the favorite animal of each Tokio Hotel member ?

Gustav: We all have the same pets – a dog and a cat.
Tom: And Bill and I like monkeys to.

8. Tenna D From Toledo, USA

Are you concerned about the intensity of media attention in places like England and the U.S., where photographers are notorious for their aggressiveness and lack of respect for personal privacy?

Tom: I don't know. We haven't thought about that so far. We just can't wait till we finally get to meet our fans over there.

9. Ladyness from Wolfville, Canada

Almost every local band I know starts losing touch with who they are and where they came from as soon as they begin to get noticed. Has this happened with you as you grew more popular; are you still friends with old friends or have you moved on and left people behind?

Bill: We have been together for a long time now and we really know each other. I don't think we forget where we're coming from and who we are. We're still very close with our true and old friends and with our families. As soon as we get off, we spent time with them. But at the same time, people around you became less.

10. Bicou from Paris, France

Do you prefer to play in little auditoriums or huge ones? Do you think it's ... warmer when there are not too many people or do you prefer when there are like 12 000 people?

Tom: We used to play in front of five people in little clubs and now in big venues. Everything is really nice. Playing in a club is really intimate. But there's no bigger excitement than playing in front of a really big crowd.
Bill: That's all I ever dreamed of – standing in front of thousands of people and sing.

11. Phabio from Fukui, Japan

What inspires your lyrics, and do any of them come from personal experiences or thoughts?

Bill: All our songs are personal - they either come from us, or they are experiences that our friends have had. Some of them come from our fans. Stories they have told us or written to us. Even if they are not our personal experiences, we have to be touched, and we have to identify with it – otherwise I could never write lyrics about it and sing it. Same with the boys – if we don't feel it, we can't play it!

12. Cindiee from Limburg, Netherlands

Do you guys support a charity and if so which one?

Bill: We believe that music can change the world. In 2006 we supported Yoko Ono and Amnesty International. The project was called "Make some noise". Yoko Ono allowed for the first time ever someone to cover John Lennon Songs for a Charity-CD. For that we recorded "Instant Carma". Not looking away, taking care for others, being responsible for others, standing up for your rights and against brutality and repression in every single meaning – that's the message of the campaign.

13. Raven from Chiapas, Mexico

What do the band do before a gig and immediately after?

Georg: I would call us probably the most nervous band before a gig.
Tom: We all get together latest half an hour before we go on stage. And then we are nervous together.
Bill: Only Gustav is a little laid back.
Gustav: I like to listen to music and concentrate.
Bill: The rest of us will go crazy. We think about everything that possibly could go wrong and push each other to the limit.

14. Kellie from Adelaide, Australia

Bill what brand of toothpaste do you use and don't you get sick of fans taking pictures of you every where you go????

Bill: Not at all. Our fans are the best fans in the world. They make everything happen for us. So we get really exited when we see them and talk to them. And we always take time for giving autographs and taking pictures.
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