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Top of the pop April 2007 - Part 1

Tom's interview in Top of the Pop 04/2007 !
It's only the 1st Part, i will post the 2nd Part tomarrow ^^

“I admire Bill”
Tom on the co-operation of the band, his fears and his relationship with Bill.

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When we meet you, you are mostly in a good mood. Is there also something which are afraid you?
I'm rarely anxious for something, I am really a positiv person. What frightens me? Completely normal things, when I'm not well and I have lot of stress. To travel was a great innovation for us. Ealier, we only saw Loitze, and now we travel everywhere and are constantly elsewhere. I only had to get accustomed.

Are your parents still worried when they read headlines on you?
They were rather worried at the beginning. When they read the articles, they asked us what it was. But they know that there are often stupidities, they became hardened. Parents are still worried about us, I think that it is completely normal. Otherwise, our conversations never turn around what there is in the newspapers. We give phone call and discuss, take news of each other, but never talk of newspapers. If something became exact, my parents would be the first to know it.

How do you manage the stress?
For me, the most important is that I can sleep much. When I have time, I go to bed very early and try to sleep on the next day long. If I slept ten hours, it's okay, and if it's 7:00PM, I take a bath in my hotel room, and I fell good.

You have also a game, the first one who are get up must…
This game started in the housing of the studio because there was only one bath there. The first who are get up must to go in the bathroom, the one who went the last could naturally sleep longest. We still play at this sort of games, for example on the next day "who must be the first to take the mask" (weird game, i didn't really understand what it was). Then the first one who said he will be the last one has won. I generally went the last but one. Gustav always goes in first because he is already awaked at 7:00 o'clock.

Bill has still more stress as a front man ("leader") than the others. Are you worried sometimes for him?
Until now I did not have to worry because we were never separate. We are very close, we are always together everywhere for all our activities, we speak each other about everything. Consequently, I should not worry. I know that if he has problems, he would tell me immediately. We separated that once. When we were small, Bill was at the hospital to remove his tonsils, it was the first time that Bill and me were really separate from each other. It was terrible, I went to the hospital each day after school.

What do you admire at Bill?
It has so much energy, it does not matter that he is on stage or while discussing. When we look Bill, he's always full power. Only in the evening, he lies in bed, energyless. It does not matter what it does, Bill always invests himself as much as possible.

Bill said he's a feeling human being. Are you more a thoughtful person?
I decide very much with my heart, but if you compares us, Bill is still more the feeling human being and I'm the thoughtful person. Even in love, Bill does not get involved so fast with someone. He would never begin a relationship without really love, without feelings. On this point, we differ.

Do you talk about certain things only with certain people from the band?
If it doesn't concern serious things, to know if we make a party the evening, then I talk with Georg. But if we want to talk about something serious, we speak with the whole band about it. Even when if I fall in love, I don't say it at only one person, all know it. But I always speak more with Bill.

(French Translation here)

Don't post this translation elsewhere without asking permission.
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