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Top of the pop March 2007

Does Bill roll in his sleep? Tom probably snore? Which music runs for falling asleep? We go with Tokio Hotel in the car…

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What do you do the evening before falling asleep?
Bill: I watch TV, but I switch it off before falling asleep. I never let it turn on. (I can't translate the fallowing sentence well, approximately he said he can't sleep with the TV)
Gustav: I could not do that too. I cannot sleep with TV or listening music. For example, Georg always lets the TV turned on.
Georg: The evening, I always watch news channels and fall asleep in front of TV. The TV works the whole night until I switch off in the morning.
Tom: I lie down and I'm already far away within 5 seconds.

How do you sleep?
Bill: I am a roller . When I sleep, I roll from left to right, on the belly and on the back. And I never wake up in the same way as I fell asleep. Sometimes I wake up with the head downward and all covers are untidy.
Georg: I always sleep on the side, lately I frequently sleep on the belly. On the back I cannot sleep.
Tom: Belly, side, back, it doesn't matter.

Do you snore?
Tom: No.
Georg: Did I snore in the bustour?
Tom: No. But Gustav snore.

How long does the alarm clock ring until you get up in the morning?
Tom: Two or three times. I put it always a half hour later again and again.
Georg: I actually wake up with nothing. I put myself the alarm clock, but wake up before it rings, and continue to sleep.
Gustav: I am an early riser, I wake up around 8:30AM.
Bill: That is so striking, I would like do like that too. But I am rather a late riser. We all sleep 15 or 16 hours and dispite we must still put the alarm clock to be in time to go to the studio. I always put the alarm clock the latest possible. I set a limit until which I can remain lying. And Gustav is already awake since a few hours and has already bought and eat his breakfast.

That is great!
Bill: It's great, I would be glad to be like that too. You enjoy the day many more. If I have free time, I actually go to sleep. If I go to bed early in the evening around 6:00PM , I can sleep to 6:00PM on the next day if I do not place myself an alarm clock.

Nevertheless, you are still tired!
Bill: And i'm still tired! I am not really ready, i don't really know.

(French translation here)

Don't post this translation elsewhere without asking permission.
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